Best BIM! Bad BIM! – Richard Baglow

Ibsecad’s Regional Director, Richard Baglow, shares his best moment and biggest frustration in the world of BIM so far.


Best BIM experience:

BIM Show Live 2013 & 2014 – a great gathering of like-minded individuals sharing, learning and educating on all things BIM.  

Worst BIM experience:

Our frustrations lie in not adopting the correct BIM process; the right people at the right time limits delays. So it is disappointing when our advice is not taken on board. As a business we advocate commencing the BIM effort early in the design process, however often this decision is overlooked. We find ourselves being appointed upon design completion to Stage E/F. However when our work commences we can encounter a serious number of design and spatial co-ordination issues, which directly affect a projects build and timings involved.


Our worst BIM experiences usually can be avoided and we don’t like seeing spatial fit issues occurring when the focus should be on constructing the project. The risk contingency should be minimised for the client and contractors by completing virtual design and construction collaboratively

What did you learn from both?

It is good to share! We have built a number of case studies promoting “adopting an early process.”  Everyone at Ibsecad has learnt that by bringing the construction experience forward in the process provides real results; reduces the risk contingency for the client; drives out un-necessary Access Panels for Architects; no unplanned builderswork for structural engineers; greater visualisation for the MEP Consultant – all stake holders see advantages and benefit from early adoption of BIM.


We thoroughly enjoyed sharing Ibsecad knowledge and presenting this at BSL2014 and discussing with other businesses.


To read more from Richard, check out his latest article for BIMcrunch on Breaking with Convention: and follow him on Twitter: @RichBaglow.