Beck outlines his vision for ‘Macro BIM’

The founder of Texas-based Beck Group Peter Beck has opined that there are actually two types of BIM, ‘Micro’, what we use today, and ‘Macro’, the BIM of the near future.

According to Beck in an interview with ENR, Macro BIM will automate a lot of design processes that make-up BIM.


He gave a scenario as an example in which an architect pulls two columns apart in a Macro BIM design model. Referring to the changes that would be automatically made, Beck stated: “The beam gets thicker, and it knows it needs to have more steel in it; it knows what its loads are and communicates those quantities to a database, which multiplies it against unit cost, which gives you the building cost.”


He continued: “So as you stretch that building, you can see the costs change or the energy usage of the building—whatever you’re interested in. That’s more of a [Macro BIM] building concept in that what is actually happening in the building is inferred.”


Beck also discussed Building Information Modelling’s elite ability to decipher Big Data, the term used to describe data sets so complex, traditional data management tools are unable to process them so easily.


“What we might see over the next 10 years is that, as Big Data becomes more understandable, we’re going to use it to analyse buildings, which is a different function, said Beck. We’re going to be able to analyse behaviour, not only due to design changes before the project is built, which is really critical, but in understanding how it’s going to operate—that is, how much energy it’s going to use—and how much energy it’s going to use based on thousands of different design changes in very short periods of time.”


Click here to read Beck’s entire interview with Engineering News-Record.


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