Battle for Government promoted software contract begins

The battle for a government promoted contract worth one million pounds, vital to the development of Level 2 BIM has begun.

Construction Manager is reporting that three consortiums, BRE, C8 and NBS are vying for the chance to develop the “missing link”, a digital protocol which defines the on-going design and management of the Building Information Modelling.


The three groups have been gifted fifty thousand pounds to develop their plans for the digital system.


All of the bidding concepts must develop a free-to-use platform that “organises the progress of designing, constructing, maintaining and operating built environment assets. To do this will require digital delivery definitions for up to 3,000 construction elements at each of the delivery stages.”


BRE’s proposal will see them create a “freely-accessible web-based resource that manages the supply and demand of shared, structured asset information” comprising of a “dictionary” and a “requirements” section.


C8 is a newly formed conglomerate comprising of CIOB, RICS, RIBA, ICE, CIBSE and three other institutes. Pronounced ‘eye-dee-cubed’, C8’s feasibility plan is named id3. id3 will define “what needs doing, to what level of detail, by all stages of projects and operation” and is based on the concept of the “digital data cube”.


NBS’ plan of action will see them “build on 6,000 object definitions” that already currently available through their NBS BIM Library resource.


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Who do you think will come out on top? Let us know in the comments who you would award the one million pounds to.