Australia lagging behind, to miss mega money chances?

Australian AEC sector companies lack BIM expertise and are likely to miss out on securing work on Government projects, that’s according to an Autodesk Director.

Rob Malkin, Director of Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Infrastructure for Asia-Pacific at Autodesk, spoke to The Australian and said that he believes the slower pace of BIM adoption and learning of knowledge within local industry means Australian firms will miss out on Government projects.


The Australian Government have outlined a $40 billion infrastructure budget for Australian engineering and construction companies to try and make the most of, yet if local companies are way behind regarding their knowledge of BIM, how will they be able to compete with larger rivals from other countries?


Malkin believes that engineering firms based in countries were BIM is mandatory (like the UK) are leading the way when it comes to winning international projects. He said:


“At the end of the day the government has to go with who has the best price. Infrastructure companies in these [mandated] countries are sometimes maybe three to seven years ahead in using technologies to improve workflows, so as people bid on projects down here [Australia] they can demonstrate things that local firms may not have start to think about yet.”


Malkin talked further about what the Australian people need to do to catch up with offshore competitors.


“Australians work harder; they don’t necessarily work smarter. They have to work smart going forward or all infrastructure spending will be from global companies, not local companies.”


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Do you think some Australian firms can keep up with the pace?