Augmented Reality app provides unique twist on BIM

Severn Partnership side-project software creator Seeable have announced their new app, capable of turning 2D drawings into 3D BIM models.

‘Augmented Reality’ uses the camera on any smartphone or tablet to scan any image in-front of it and create a virtual 3D model version. As seen in the article image, the app is scanning a business card, with the 3D representation being present on-screen.


Seeable are using the combination of Building Information Modelling and games engine technology to create fun apps and interfaces to engage those new to BIM and act as a genesis for Building Information Modelling interest.


Although of entertainment use now, the aim is for the app to be used a highly useful tool for collaboration once further developments have been made.


Speaking with Construction Manager, University of Wolverhampton student Dave Heesom, who is working on the project during his studies said talked further about future plans for Augmented Reality. He said:


“We’re at the first phase, which is to say we’ve got technology that works and has whizz bang appeal – it will wow the client. But in the background we’re developing it into a useful collaborative tool. The next product launch later in the year will allow a higher level of interaction between people using the AR app.”


To learn more about this exciting app and to read comments from Severn Partnership’s Managing Director, click here.


How cool does Augmented Reality look?