ASTAD’s Ali Al-Khalifa talks importance of BIM in Qatar

ASTAD Project Management CEO Ali Al-Khalifa has discussed how his company are leading the way in Qatar when it comes to BIM adoption.

ASTAD’s portfolio of projects include a vast number of Qatar’s most recognisable architecture, such as the Qatar National Convention Centre and the Museum of Islamic Art.


ASTAD CEO Ali Al-Khalifa spoke with Construction Week Online and stated this his company are trying to lead the pack within Qatar concerning BIM usage.


“What we’ve tried to do is lead the way with the implementation of BIM in Qatar, using it on many projects, including the Qatar Foundation HQ building and the Qatar Faculty of Islamic Studies. The design of the National Museum would not have been possible without BIM.”


Furthermore, although the need for the use BIM is increasing, Al-Khalifa believes that 3D modelling is not the answer for everything. He thinks that engineers with many years experience are also essential.


“It also helps when our engineers have an average of 21 years experience, said Al-Khalifa. Our engineers are highly competent in BIM, and that is very important as BIM is a sophisticated software, so you have to be completely sure that the data you are inputting into it is correct, and you know the parameters you are working with.”


Al-Khalifa continued by stating that he believes the perfect combination when constructing a building is for highly-skilled engineers to embrace BIM. He said:


“BIM is software that can do things that engineers cannot, but the inverse is also true – ultimately they complement each other. There are some engineers in the industry who try to resist BIM, but they shouldn’t as it actually helps them to achieve things and to enhance the process in ways that were not possible before.”


The CEO of the five-year old company also discusses Qatar’s 2030 Vision and the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Click here to read the interview in full.


Are you impressed by the scale at which Qatar is embracing BIM?


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