Arup Group talk Project OVE with Construction Manager

Credit: Arup
Credit: Arup

Arup Group have discussed their latest BIM-related project aimed at getting engineers and architects alike excited about Building Information Modelling.

Speaking with Construction Manager, Arup’s Associates Manager Casey Rutland divulged more about Project OVE, designed to showcase BIM’s capabilities.

The demonstrative building is shaped like the human body, with various elements of the model replicating parts of the human anatomy.

Regarding the model, which took 7 weeks to build the basic form, Rutland said: “The HVAC system represents the lungs, the pump system the heart and circulatory system, electrical system the nerves and the building management system is the brain, and so on. We’ve put it together with a bit of humour.”

Even the process of sweating is being reproduced within the building. “The Fire Engineering group have joined in to look at modelling smoke movement around the ‘body’. They will incorporate sprinkler systems into the model to make the human body sweat, said Rutland. Our façade specialists want to see how the ‘skin’ works in different climates.”

When constructing Project OVE, Arup made sure that they used as many software processes as practically possible (to showcase just how much can be done using BIM), they kept OVE as geometrically accurate as they could and to ensure that all processes used within the project can be used for real-life architecture ventures.

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