Arup Associates’ Kate Fletcher: We need “to get clients to engage” in BIM

Developers “rarely seem to be actively seeking” BIM, that’s according to a member of Arup Associates.

Kate Fletcher is an associate at Arup, who has led public health teams on a plethora of projects for the organisation, believes that there are still way too many clients who are not adopting BIM as they don’t realise how much of a positive impact it can have on a development.


In the latest blog post on BDOnline, Fletcher notes that in her experience, owner-occupiers are most engaged with BIM, whilst developers are not using it enough, despite being aware of some of the benefits.


Fletcher also references two unnamed clients who although different, are both not getting the most out of Building Information Modelling. Concerning the first example, Fletcher writes:


“We have a client who is clear about the asset tagging they require to feed into their FM tools, but this has been determined after construction has started. A third party has been brought in to federate models and add the tags, all additional work which should have been at least partially inherent. The client is making use of BIM, but not yet via a BIM process.”


The second client case spotlights a company who are knowledgeable about their 3D model components but are unsure on data input. Fletcher elaborates:


“A second client has provided a very detailed document stating how models are to be split across disciplines, levels of clash detection, levels of development, but is vague on data content, asking the designers to confirm what data will be included. There is currently no strategy stating the contractor is to take on the designer’s BIM and it is unclear at this stage whether any of the data will ultimately have any FM uses.”


She closes by insisting it is those at the forefront of BIM developments that need to be pushing for a change in everyone.


“We continue to see that we must be the driving force for BIM, as an organisation sitting at the front of the BIM chain. It is still for us to keep pushing the benefits, to get clients to engage.”


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