6D BIM: A Handy Guide

Can’t get your head around the many levels of BIM? Well you are in luck.

American-based firm Pete Fowler Construction Services has published a guide explaining Building Information Modelling and is addressing why all in the AEC sector should care about it.


The easy-to-digest guide explains 3D to 6D and Level 0 to Level 3 and says that BIM “introduces a transformation in the way we think about, document, and share information related to building projects.”


Furthermore, the article encapsulates BIM’s uses excellently and says: “[BIM] is a methodology that transforms the underlying design of a building into data that can be shared with all stakeholders, without interpretation, for reuse throughout the building lifecycle.” 


6D BIM, part of Level 3, is often the most difficult to understand element of BIM beginners. PFCS’ guide breaks it down into simple bullet points.


  • Do we know who designed all of the buildings we worked on? This is an easy question if you have a complete Building Information Model.
  • How about trying to figure out who applied the paint that is peeling off the exterior doors?
  • How long did we expect that paint to last anyway? And who made it? And what colour is it?


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Was that article an easy-to-understand guide for you or do you know a better resource?