HOCHTIEF ViCon celebrates new branch in London

Hochtief ViCon has celebrated the opening of its new branch in the UK, situated in London.

Dirk Schaper, Managing Director of HOCHTIEF ViCon said: “The new branch will provide our clients with easy access to ViCon’s well established service portfolio and project expertise. The new branch in London is another important step in our expansion strategy to be present in all major BIM markets.”


This brings the number of ViCon branches to four; with the headquarters in Essen – Germany and branches in Doha – Qatar and Chennai – India.


“We are thrilled to be opening our doors in this vivid and rapidly expanding market and are convinced to add value to our clients in the UK with the comprehensive BIM experiences we have gathered during the last decade”, said René Schumann, ViCon’s Director of International Operations.


“The recent recommendation of several public authorities to use BIM in public works and the establishment of UK BIM standards will bring the UK construction market into the forefront of BIM utilization. The demand for ViCon’s services is steadily growing in the UK and that’s why we want to be locally present to serve our clients.”


Hochtief ViCon is a leading international provider and consultant for virtual construction and Building Information Modeling – BIM. According to its principle “Build digitally first”, ViCon advises and assists its clients in the use of intelligent 3D computer models in order to minimize risks early on, communicate more effectively and save costs.


In the areas of building construction and infrastructure projects, ViCon assists developers and projects with optimized processes, project specific standards, full time consultants on site, sophisticated hardware and software solutions.


As BIM consultants they have been involved in various projects in Europe, Middle East, North Africa and North America during the past decade.


Join us and hear Rene Schumann speak at BIM Show Live Conference 2014 on April 23-24 2014, Manchester.


For more information and to register, visit: www.bimshowlive.co.uk.


To find out more about Hochtief ViCon, visit: www.hochtief-vicon.de.