Faro BIM Show Live Video

During the busy first day at BSL2014, the BIM store team asked FARO Technologies to carry out a small test project which involved laser scanning Ermintrude (The BIMstore Cow), in order to produce a short video, polygon mesh and isolate Ermintrude within the point cloud data in order to digitally re-produce her in all her glory as a native Autodesk Revit Family.

Four scans were taken at variations positions and heights around Ermintrude in order to get multiple perspectives and gain as much coverage of the model as possible. The resolution was set so as to capture points at approx. 2/3mm spacing and to capture an eighty megapixel 360 degree photograph in order to give each point an accurate RGB value.

Following capture, the scan data was processed initially in FARO SCENE in order to colourise and align the scans, following which the data was imported into Bentley Pointools to create the following short fly through video:


The data was also imported into Autodesk RECAP, where Ermintrude was isolated within the scan and the data was cleaned of various noise (passers by etc) using the tools available within the software. We were then able to export the cleaned data in a variety of formats, including the native Autodesk .Rcs which allows import into the Autodesk suite of products.

Using software called Geomagic, we were then also able to wrap the points to create a complex polygon mesh, before creating a texture map of the images, decimating the mesh to a manageable size and re-applying the texture map.

The results of this fairly quick process can be found here:

(Note: WebGL enabled browser required, Chrome or similar)

Although really just a bit of fun, the process could be enhanced and processed further to create a model suitable for use in various VFX and animation packages.