MassMotion visualises crowds descending on virtual BIM Show Live arena

Oasys Ltd has teamed up with BIM Show Live to bring you all of the event’s action before it happens.

The project took flight from a conversation between Oasys Business Development & Channel Manager, Rhys Lewis, and the mastermind behind BIM Show Live, Rob Charlton. Discussing the layout of the event to be held in April at its new Manchester venue, the possibility of using MassMotion to maximise the usage of the space came up.


It seemed like a great idea for a number of reasons – using the software would allow them to analyse the current layout and highlight any potential areas of concern, and of course how fitting to showcase a BIM simulation of BIM Show Live ahead of the big BIM event itself.


With the support of BIM.Technologies, which modelled the venue using Revit, Oasys explored the expected flow of the event throughout different stages of the day. Oasys Senior Consultant Peter Debney imported the Revit model (via IFC) into MassMotion and started to create the simulation.


Rhys said: “This fitted quite nicely into Space Group’s BIG BIM philosophy around Design & Validate. We see MassMotion being a key element of design, especially early on in the design process. It allows you to test a number of different scenarios quickly and accurately by reusing your data, including Revit, SketchUp and MicroStation.


“Having the ability to check your design before pushing on into construction is hugely valuable. On creating the initial simulation, we immediately discovered there may be a potential bottleneck at the coffee stand as a result of the significant number of people attending – this can be seen here:


“We even selected our stand from those remaining based on what we predicted! It’s been really exciting to help analyse the BIM Show Live arena with MassMotion, understanding how to reduce bottlenecks and improve circulation around the exhibition space. Come to our stand to see how we did this, and how you might make it even better.”


Agent Count

Displays the paths of agents across the selected objects, where the colour represents the number of agents who have ever occupied that space.


In this video, you can see how the Oasys team used MassMotion to monitor, analyse and evaluate crowd simulation to help inform their stand choice. MassMotion 6.0 provided the tools to identify delegate activity – how they will pass through the arena, where potential congestion will occur and which areas will receive the highest footfall.


Average Non-Zero Density

Colours objects based on the average agent density at each point, excluding zero density values. 


 Time Occupied

Colours objects based on the total amount of time each point was occupied by any agent. 


While exhibiting, Oasys will be monitoring the crowd flow at the real event and presenting this story in the Tech Hall. Stay tuned to BIMcrunch after BIM Show Live to find out what actually happened and see the comparisons.


 Instantaneous Density

Instantaneous density maps can be used to produce a live, animated display of what parts of an object are most crowded. The colour at each point indicates the current density (agents per square meter) in a circle about that point.


Visit Oasys stand on GS15 at BSL for a chat to find out more!


MassMotion is Oasys class-leading pedestrian modelling and crowd simulation software. It is capable of modelling hundreds of thousands of ‘agents’ – each with unique agendas.

MassMotion 6.0 has improved analysis and user interface to go with class leading simulation. This project only shows a proportion of MassMotion’s capabilities and the importance of crowd simulation with BIM.


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