WATCH – The ABC of Architects

An alphabetical list of some of the world’s leading architects with their famous creations.

In making this film, architect Andrea Stinga of Ombú Architecture and graphic designer Federico González had to omit numerous entries in order to assign only one architect to each letter and include many nationalities. Despite these restrictions, they found room for the likes of César Pelli, Jørn Oberg and William Van Alen.


Architect Andrea Stinga describes how and why she and graphic designer Federico González created their short film, showcasing the ‘unquestionable’ masters of construction design: “The ABC of architects is a personal project conceived by my partner, Federico González, and myself.


“We aimed to create a short, simple and fun piece that combined our respective passions of graphic design and architecture and that would appeal to everyone, regardless of language, nationality or age.


“Our first and main motivation was to keep it visually simple but powerful by iconising the most outstanding buildings in the world. We began by making a list of “the unquestionables”, architects who laid the foundations of modern architecture: Le Corbusier, Mies Van der Rohe, Oscar Niemeyer, Louis Kahn, Philip Johnson, Frank Lloyd Wright. The first problem we encountered was that the list was too long, so we had to find a system for narrowing it down. This is how we came up with the idea of creating an alphabetical list, and thus limiting our selection to 26 architects and their respective buildings, achieving this way the initial simplicity and brevity we had hoped for.”


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