CAMPUS diary – Tim Corrighan

Former CAMPUS student Tim Corrighan recaps on his time on the intensive introduction course to BIM, as a successfully employed alumni of the purpose-built training suite’s first cohort of learners.


Monday 5th August – First Day

Today was my first day of the BIMCampus Foundation Degree in Building Information Modelling, which I will be doing for the next 12 weeks. I met some new people and got a brief overview of what we will be covering and what it is all about. 12 weeks seems like a long time but I’m really looking forward to getting stuck in now!

Wednesday 7th August – First Time Using Revit

So now I can see what all this fuss is about. We started using a little bit of Autodesk Revit today and it kind of all makes sense. From just using the basic tools and playing around with the software, you can see how even just the 3D modelling side of BIM will change the industry by saving both time and money. I am really looking forward to becoming more experienced and skilled with the software, but most of all it’s fun. I feel like I am playing “The Sims: Reality”!

Tuesday 10th September – Laser Scanning with Lieca Geosystems

I have been looking forward to today for the past week or so. ‘Laser scanning’ is such a buzz term at the moment and I was excited to find out what it is all about. We all headed down and met up with Paul from Lieca at the site of the project we are just about to start. He showed us the ScanStation P20, which is the laser scanner we would be using, and told us a little bit about it and how it works. We then went around and scanned the site and adjoining buildings on each side from several different positions. This was far quicker than I thought it would be; it only took about 15 minutes per scan. When we had collected all the data that we needed, we headed back to the office to upload the point cloud into Revit. It was a great opportunity to see this process and to work with surveyors, which I hadn’t done before. Hopefully it will render favourable experience for employers on my CV.

Friday 27th September – ‘BIM Campus get stuck into structural design with ck21’

We all had a great opportunity today to work with ck21 civil engineers. Throughout University, it is very rare that we have had much interaction with the other professionals from the design and construction industries. It was an invaluable experience in understanding what designing structure entails and to get feedback on our designs from experts in the field.

Wednesday 2nd October – ‘BIM Campus get a crash course in MEP design with Kyoob

After working with the structural engineers last week, today we started looking at the services for the office building we are designing. We sat down with Philip Oliver from Kyoob and a series of floor plans from my building. Philip gave us a lot of guidance with how we should go about designing the mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems used to serve the building. It was another great chance to speak with another person working in the industry and get feedback on what we are doing.

Thursday 10th October – ‘Speed Dating’

Tonight was the big employment night which has been arranged for weeks. We had potential employers there from Bim Academy, Niven Architects, Ryder Architects and The RIBA Enterprises. I managed to get interviews from 3 of them which seemed to go really well. It was a great opportunity to spend time with the other guys from the course in a slightly more relaxed atmosphere and to meet with some of the big names in the industry. Now I just have to wait with my fingers crossed and hopefully I will hear something.

Friday 11th October – Job Offer

I came into work today and checked my emails to find an email offering me a job! I am so excited. I had another interview this Wednesday with a really good, small practice from Gateshead and they have offered me the job. This is just perfect. The course, and knowledge I have gained while doing it, has without doubt given me that edge to put me on top of the pile for employers. I can’t thank the guys enough. A dream come true.


Friday 25th October – Last Day of BIMCampus

Champagne. See Peter for details.

Monday 4th November – First Day of Work

I started work today. It was great. I can’t believe how far I have come from school and sixth form, through University, always with the ambition of working in the architectural industry, and now I am here. The first day of the rest of my life!


By Tim Corrighan, Architectural Assistant at PHP Architects.



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