The B1M initiative

Videos, the masses, and inspiring widespread BIM adoption.


There is certainly plenty of excitement around building information modelling (BIM) in our industry at the moment. The Government’s stated desire to see centrally procured public sector projects delivered in this way by 2016 has energised the Construction sector and driven much discussion about culture, processes, barriers, training and general approach.


Indeed many events and seminars are held on a weekly basis to raise awareness and consider the different facets that adopting BIM presents us with. Social media has undoubtedly supported this with many professionals now interacting on networks such as Twitter and LinkedIn to share knowledge and experience (hash-tags such as #BIM or #UKBIMCrew are well worth reading on a regular basis).


But are the efforts of those promoting BIM really penetrating the industry and reaching a widespread audience? Richard Lane of the BIM Task Group held one poll at one recent event to discover that roughly two thirds of attendees had been to five or more similar BIM sessions in the past year. Indeed, start going to BIM events or conferences on a regular basis and you’ll quickly see a pattern of familiar faces.


It’s great to have advocators and industry leaders on BIM but we must reach the masses if we are to make its use more widespread.


That desire is what drove Fred Mills and Tom Payne to establish an online video resource for BIM.



Their library is aspiring to reach one million views and one million members, taking BIM knowledge sharing from a small core of keen professionals to the masses of industry professionals. The B1M or ‘BIM one million’ is completely free to use and worth signing up to:



We caught up with Fred and discussed his motives for The B1M: “I’m passionate about BIM adoption and believe it will deliver a better built environment for us all to enjoy”.


“Reaching a wide audience and mobilising them is the key to this. I know that reading up on BIM can be taxing and time-consuming. Video is an easy and engaging format that people find simpler to digest. It offers a path of least resistance for knowledge sharing”.


Fred wants The B1M to benefit a wide audience around the world and is inviting anyone to use his platform; including clients, organisations, individuals and project teams. 


Fred Mills

Harnessing the power of their video resource, The B1M are currently developing an initiative to provide teaching from industry professionals to undergraduate University students through filmed seminars or ‘classes’. Several Universities, the BIM Task Group and Constructing Excellence have already given their support to the programme due to launch early next year.


“The masses need to adopt BIM if we’re ever to realise its true potential” Fred concludes. “Getting people to connect with the benefits is the answer. You should be pulled by the advantages not pushed by the Government mandate”.


 David Philp


Join the journey to inspire one million people through video at