BIMBrunch: Dan Rossiter

Dan Rossiter, who works in the public sector as a design team leader on a number of schemes, gives us a roundup of his best BIM sources in our latest BIMBrunch.


Favourite website

The BIM task group website (, as well as Revit City ( have always been my main sources of information. Another very useful page is Bond Bryan’s standards page ( which links to all of the principal UK relevant BIM standards.


Best book

I haven’t read any books on BIM. I tend to rely on information from the task group website, links on Twitter or seminars I am invited to.

I do however read the AUG monthly magazine ( and have recently voted on the software wish list (hoping for a room phase parameter!!).


Top event attended recently

The last BIM event I attended was the Construction Excellence in Wales BIM Advanced seminar. CE Wales put on a wide range of informative events across Wales, one of which I am about to attend on the legal aspects of BIM.


The BIM advanced seminar I attended focused on execution planning, as well as looking at PAS1192, LoD, and the wealth of softwares available. The event felt very balanced and practical, which was a refreshing change from others I had previously attended.


Favourite Twitter handle to follow

@BondBryanBIM is easily the most useful BIM tweeter I am aware of, but I also follow the Task Group @BIMgcs, Autodesk, CPIC @CPIComittee, Building SMART UK @BuildingSMARTUK,and of course @BIMCrunch.


Blog you regularly read

The Revit Kid ( was a favourite of mine when I was still finding my feet, and I still check the archive every now and again for solutions when the software won’t give me what I want.


Networking event you regularly attend

As I work for a local council and live on the better other side of the bridge, I don’t really have the opportunity to network.


Hopefully this’ll change as there’s a lot of very knowledgeable people out there, and I’m sure I would benefit a lot from getting to know them a bit better.


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