Best BIM! Bad BIM! – Bill Holden

Atkins CAD/BIM Lead | BIM Champion Bill Holden reveals his best and worst BIM moments to date…


Best BIM experience:

Spending 6 weeks training all levels & disciplines of staff in the new Company BIM standard, which included defining Level 1 and 2 BIM and plenty of, err, lively, discussion!


Worst BIM experience:

Being told by an experienced Technician who is well versed in the Company Standards and BS1192 that “we haven’t bothered with all that stuff for this submission, it was too much work”.


Lessons Learnt: 

You can train people until you are blue in the face but employing BS1192 and BIM workflows won’t work unless authors have the correct mindset and all projects have an allocated BIM Manager role.  This is going to be tough!




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