AU2013 Day 1 – Paul Broadfoot

So we’re here at Autodesk University 2013 in Vegas – here’s a little of what’s been happening so far.

In short

First night Penn & Teller with the UKBIMcrew.

Very tired but adrenalin and excitement kept us awake.

9000 attendees.

Largest AU in world.

Met so many BIM users worldwide and have had many discussions with how they have implemented BIM within their business and found the similarities really interesting.


Main Highlight

Inspirational talk by John Cleese on Creativity and what makes a good architect. Talk focused on the thought that we need to prepare our brains for our subconscious because that is where our most creative ideas are developed.


Really interesting idea that the left side of the brain comes up with the ideas and the right side evaluates the output.


Day one

Keynote address focused on innovation and what sets successful businesses apart from the crowd. Interesting thought about reverse mentoring where young practitioners teach and educate the senior management of their businesses on how to use and manipulate the software they’re using so that their experience can drive and push the business on to its fullest capabilities. A thought which Space Group could certainly learn from.


The classes were good and took some useful tips from the process in which we create and manage our clash detection and the selection set templates which we use.


Behind the scenes

Met some great guys from UKBIMcrew and the evenings so far seem to end up with the Scottish lads last men standing with James Lupton and Martin McDonnell of Solius!


Lunchtime at AU2013 11000 people all dining at the same time unbelievable organisation – biggest dining room in the world!