AU2013 Day 3 – Paul Broadfoot

Final full day of the conference and been to two interesting classes so far…

8am The Shanghai Tower 

The presentation focused challenges from both technical and management perspectives of designing and coordinating a highly complex skyscraper, Shanghai Tower Construction & Development became the first owner to deploy a BIM whole lifecycle solution in China. By addressing multiple technologies and software coordination, all of the processes, information, and stakeholders have been integrated through BIM implementation to create higher efficiency, reduce risk, and increase profitability. This class covered aspects of BIM implementation, including the project challenges, strategy of BIM-based lean VDC management, all phases of BIM collaboration, and achievements and benefits for project economy 



10am Casement Park Stadium

The second class I attended a lecture on the design of the new Casement Park stadium in West Belfast, Ireland. Located on a tight site, this new Gaelic Athletics site posed numerous design challenges. Exploring the use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) throughout the MEP and structural design of this project, with particular focus on how the integrated design team used the entire Autodesk® Building Design Suite to benefit all parties. The engineering models were linked to Vico Office for 5D and to Autodesk® Navisworks® for the 4D construction planning. Structural analysis was assisted by links to Autodesk® Robot™ Structural Analysis, and the model was used for lighting analysis and people flow modeling. These workflows facilitated a more efficient design process for all parties.  



Geek fest in the exhibit hall where there was automated scanning robots modelling the room on their own  


Naming protocols for key structural elements ensured full quantities could be measured off the models to an accuracy of 1% are the days of Traditional QS coming to a close??? 

I have one more lecture before the closing keynote address. Then it’s after event drinks which Adam tells me is phenomenal, need to get Doctor Dave drunk and on the Bronco!


Adam Ward @Revitspace On route to the Bellagio with the USBimcrew



Tomorrow we’re going for steak then the stratosphere. I’m told the Reviteer bottled going on it last year so hopefully I’ll be able to give it a go. 


Ended AU2013 with a bang at the case lecture from Mario Guttman of Case on advanced scheduling and interoperability of data from spreadsheets to the design model, example of predefined views was very interesting with regard completions of RDS.



After party was manic and ended up on 57th floor at GlobalEtraining party with nearly whole BIM crew present! 




View from the Venetian at the Case event at Rock House bar