“The BIM world is dog eat dog”

It is a big, horrid world out there and right now it seems the BIM world is dog eat dog.

In my opinion, I feel uneasy about technicians having their hand at the helm. It’s just as reckless as using a hedge-fund as a gambling device. The reason people take the time to learn complex skills via the classic education system is that areas such as design are… well, complex. 


You need to get your skilled labour to be digitally enabled and merge with the technician fraternity. Otherwise we will perpetuate the ridiculous situation where we are spoon-fed by the software vendors. I say ‘spoon-fed’ because, as an industry, we have been blinded by the academic detail like blind men feeling an elephant. 


From my experience, technicians are too easily distracted by the vendor ‘bling’ and arguing on Twitter about what is the best file format. It’s borderline pathetic, use the collaborative power of social media for good!


Why can’t we take charge and tell the vendors how WE (the construction industry) need technology to work for us? Not their shareholders.