Should QS’ fear BIM?

The act of cost estimation, in my opinion, is going to have to face a paradigm shift. Their whole approach to information and how they transact will be completely different.

KPMG’s Fast Forward 2035 series provides a basis of my trail of thought.


It’s saved me from having to write an article on how business intelligence will change sooner than we think. Also, saving the BIM2050 group’s time to look at more stuff! NB. Kudos to Ian Aldous of EC Harris for finding the KPMG Fast Track Series.


The rolls and actors of our industry will have to adapt as construction industry clients realise the full impact of constructing their approach to investing in the built environment. Real integration of cost estimation for me sits within the domain of the client’s influence – but it doesn’t mean we should ignore the process innovation possibilities.


So to give a simple answer, I see RICS members being the integrating interface between the construction industry and its clients. Considering the domain of influence predominantly sits with clients at this time. There should be no fear of BIM, only sheer optimism!