Leaves on the track for BIM?

This week in Construction News there was featured, what can only be described as a complete misfire of judgement by estate management at some London universities.

The article quoted a statement from “LSE” suggesting that they have an authoritative voice on the subject matter. I wonder what their economics students would have thought about it? (No learning via osmosis to use the scientific process to structure an argument.)


Abandonment of BIM is to stick two fingers up at innovation and the benefits of growth from total-factor productivity. Just because the ROI of BIM is impossible to calculate, it doesn’t mean it should be thrown away. 


Also, it was a reckless article to publish without any balance. As professionals, we can’t just deny things; we need rational reasoning and logic. We need to suggest where improvement can be made and aid progression, not just throw the toys out the pram.


Maybe it’s a result of the looming 2016 deadline for government BIM, and it is sending clients into a spin about what it means and what it’s all about?