Stelrad expands options for BIM

Stelrad Radiators has announced that it now has a number of products on BIMStore ready for architects, engineers and contractors to integrate into future projects.

The company has invested in several core ranges designed in the format for BIM with the aim of becoming shared knowledge resources for architects, contractors, designers and engineers, to support decision-making about a facility from its earliest conceptual stages, to design and construction, through its operational life and eventual demolition.

Stelrad says it will continue to invest heavily in turning specification and product information into digital objects in anticipation of the wide-spread adoption of BIM. 

The firm will be providing a number of its products that currently feature heavily in commercial projects, including its Concord, Column and Low surface temperature (LST) radiator ranges, which will be hosted at and and are available for subscribers to download and use in projects. 


Marketing communications manager at Stelrad, Sarah Baker, said: “It clearly makes huge sense to utilise this technology so that architects and contractors can produce real time 3D models of how rooms and areas of a planned new building will look once everything has come together at the construction phase.


“For the first time, it will be possible to visualise a building, that hasn’t moved off the drawing board, in its final state – and to switch finishes in real time, to include specified products that are on the system. We feel this is an exciting move for us as a business and we look forward to possibly expanding the range of options available in the months ahead.”


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