Collaborative BIM in the Cloud: In Practice – Nathan Doughty

This presentation will showcase the real-life application of the Asite cBIM platform on real projects in UK industry. We will conduct a live demonstration of the cloud platform as it is being used on current projects to enable collaborative working and enforce BIM Execution Protocols across a multi-disciplinary and geographically distributed team. This will be a live interactive demonstration of collaborative working in the cloud – showing multiple parties exchanging information and working together in real-time across multiple devices.

The demonstration will touch on:

  • The integration of collaborative project controls into BIM teams
  • The definition and enforcement of BIM Execution Protocols and enforcement of standards such as BS-1192 via the collaborative platform
  • Data interchange via cBIM using IFC and COBie
  • Field BIM (accessing the centrally hosted project model via tablet devices in the field)
  • Integrated Procurement (Purchasing) from a model in the cloud


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Nathan Doughty, Chief Operating Officer, Asite Solutions Limited