Field BIM and Its Benefits – Steve Rudge

The construction stage of any project generates far more information than during the design stage, and to a client it is this information that will be utilised during the life cycle management of the building.

Verification of as-built data, resolving defects and managing the snagging process before handover is key to a project’s success. Building Information Modelling provides a new potential ways to manage this process more efficiently using “Field BIM” – the automation of field processes and shared project information can immediately be checked, verified or highlighted for update while on the site.

Linking real data that is usually provided as part of the O&M deliver to the geometry in the BIM will not only aid the ease of retrieving this data in the future but will ensure the I in BIM has a purpose to the building owner or client.

In this class we look at Field BIM, identifying where it fits in the overall process and project; then review a major UK project and detail what is probably the first UK implementation of Autodesk BIM 360 Field. Field BIM also requires various software tools for managing this process and the workflow that is required to ensure success.

In considering the process we will consider the following:

  • Methods of data access from different devices;
  • Where best to store the information generated through the design and build of a project
  • The information that can be made available and its suitability including drawings, schedules, snagging lists, photography;
  • How this aids quality, safety, commissioning, handover, and maintenance;
  • Responsibilities and communications
  • Is it for new build only or can refurbishment benefit from implementing “Field BIM”

In the UK project, we will consider:

  • The client’s and construction company’s needs
  • Methods of software selection, why was Autodesk BIM 360 Field chosen
  • Processes put in place
  • Results seen and lessons learned


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Steve Rudge, Senior BIM Consultant, Excitech Ltd