Seeing Information: An intelligent operator’s journey through attributes in space – Robert Klaschka

It is often acknowledged that there isn’t enough information – the ‘I’ in most BIMs.

At Studio K we probably spend as much time maintaining attributes on elements in our models as we do modelling. I find it mildly irritating the recent mantra that the geometry is somehow secondary to the information it carries. The geometry is the context for the information in all instances and is an integral part of understanding a project in design development, through construction and in operation. Whilst the attributes of elements can tell you many things about what they are their relationships are not evident.

This session will focus on using the attributes in a model across the various stages of a project to reveal intent, promote understanding of the project to clients, other consultants, contractors and operators. I will show how using the attributes that gradually accrue throughout the life of a project which can remain largely hidden, yet represent a significant investment in time, and have the power to reveal the structure of a project.


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Robert Klaschka, Director, Studio Klaschka