Software workflows for the design, development & construction of the Broad Art Museum at MSU – Shaun Farrell & Alberto Barba

In July 2007, Zaha Hadid Architects were awarded 1st prize in the international competition to design the Broad Art Museum at MSU.

The project has been designed and developed in cooperation with AKT Structures, Max Fordham Services in London and IDS [Executive Architect], SDI. [Structures], and PBA [Services] among other consultants including facades, lighting, acoustic and LEED. From the outset, ZHA developed an integrated modelling process with the London based engineers which drove the design and coordination process. As the building developed and the stateside architect and engineers became more involved the design and coordination process expanded with the introduction of a fully coordinated BIM. The client, MSU decided to adopt an integrated BIM for the delivery of the project for the preparation of contract documentation and construction delivery as well as to serve as a facilities management tool. This session describes the process through design to construction.


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Shaun Farrell, Practice BIM Manager, Zaha Hadid Architects
Alberto Barba, Associate, Zaha Hadid Architects