Trail Blazing COBie Data drop 3 & 4: Lessons Learnt – Robert Sargent

Stride Treglown are currently working on a lead Government BIM trial project, working to produce COBie (Construction Objects Building Information Exchange) data drop 3 and 4 information.

In the spirit of collaboration we would like to share our experience, so others can learn, and as an industry we move faster towards BIM excellence.

In this session we will:

1. Detail what we have and are doing. Including a workflow process between software, how and when teams exchanged information, management techniques employed:

  • Working in Revit 2013 to produce data driven building model
  • Using the Revit COBie plug-in to populate the element/component parameters with the required information
  • Prior to exporting the Revit file to .ifc (Industry Foundation Class) and coordinating the building model with the other design/construction information using NavisWorks and Solibri Model Checker
  • Programming events dates
  • Learning workshops

2. Detail what went well:

  • Partnership with software companies
  • Dealing with workrounds
  • Commitment from companies

3. Detail what didn’t go well:

  • Late implementation plan
  • Sub contractor and supplier lack of knowledge of what BIM is
  • The impact of one party working traditionally
  • Getting events in the wrong order
  • Key personnel not understanding BIM early enough

4. Show from our current involvement that there is a knowledge gap in the industry, specifically within the supply chain to produce data drops 3 & 4 and in order to fully utilise BiM and COBie to its true potential, that the industry will need to up-skill quickly to fully understand the end user requirements and provide sufficient information to enable the COBie spreadsheet to be properly useful:

  • Explain to all parties the ethos of BIM, and ensure understanding
  • Adaption of software to save time
  • All or nothing. For efficiencies can’t twin track different working systems


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Robert Sargent, Production Director, Stride Treglown, Architecture & BIM Consultancy