A Data Remember – the first time you saw data flow through a whole project lifecycle – Alexandra Grounds

Until now, much emphasis has been put on the objects in a model, and there has been little talk around the data.

That has been for two reasons, the first is that data is just not very pretty and isn’t easy to show in a whizz bang PowerPoint presentation or video to impress your boss or client. The second is that many do not see the value of the data and the cost savings and efficiencies it can bring.

This class will show how the clever use of data can bring the whole construction model together from design inception, through estimating and procurement, variations, construction, handover and operation. The data can then be used to monitor and manage the project throughout its life and inform the specification of subsequent projects in the future.

Following simple data paths and examples throughout the life of a project the audience will see the power of the data alone, and understand how real efficiencies and cost savings can be made, well beyond the 20% target set by UK Government.


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Alexandra Grounds, BIM Director – Applied BIM Technologies, Amtech Group