BIM For Estimating, 5d and Value Engineering – Alan Windley

BIM can completely transform the way Estimators and Quantity Surveyors perform their everyday work. Increased efficiency, collaboration and intelligent methods of delivering value engineered options are only a few of the advantages that these professionals can gain by the use of an advanced BIM Estimating Solution designed for this purpose.

During this show case of Nomitech’s CostOS Estimating Platform, we will demonstrate how a real estate BIM sketch, with very limited information can be used to define the project scope and the cost plan. We will then move into a more detailed model demonstrating how construct-ability decisions can be made and value engineered options can be explored. At the same time we will consolidate various BIM models of the same project from different disciplines and different BIM authoring systems, and we will make use of them even if the designers did not put enough information. The ability to associate BIM elements with Cost Data from BCIS/RICS and Spons will be quickly demonstrated at this stage as it plays a crucial role for the QS Firms. In addition, we will explain how fully detailed and constructable BIM models of MEGA – Projects can be applied and used during the tendering phase by project owners and contractors, and how users can develop fully detailed estimates and quantity takeoffs while working on BIM. The end product of a 5D BIM will be also demonstrated along with pushing the estimate to Primavera and to Excel for Risk analysis and Monte Carlo simulation.



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Alan Windley, Business Development Manager, Nomitech Ltd