BIM and SMART visual collaboration solutions: anticipate construction issues and build digitally first – Chris Southern

Unanticipated construction issues cause scheduling delays and cost overruns. BIM and SMART visual collaboration solutions are used to anticipate construction issues before they occur and build digitally first.

SMART Board® interactive whiteboards and displays provide a large area to view BIM models, interact with the digital models and keep everyone focused on the issue at hand. The touch recognition features of the interactive whiteboard allow you to directly mark up and manipulate images in the software. It makes it easy to share information, capture ideas and determine next steps with the ability to write notes over any application, options for saving your work and full integration with Microsoft® Exchange to instantly email documents to all attendees.

Co-ordinating a project with BIM and SMART solutions allows everyone, from trades people or architects to the client, to review and agree 3D models of construction projects to keep projects on schedule and to easily see and focus on problem areas where different elements of the building clash. And location is no longer a problem. By connecting to a meeting via SMART Bridgit™ conferencing software, remote team members can view documents displayed on the SMART Board on their own personal computer or iPad and can make digital notes that are visible on the interactive whiteboard.

Find out how SMART visual collaboration solutions alongside BIM will:

  • Make it easier to capture discussions and agree decisions – the solution offers greater clarity and transparency, reducing the risk of any last minute issues or disputes and keeping costs under control and the project on schedule
  • Allow collaboration with colleagues in different locations – everyone can view and contribute to discussions and plans regardless of whether they are in the same roon or not
  • Make it easier for clients to understand and contribute their ideas and offer them a more reliable, more deliverable product


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Chris Southern, Business Development Manager, SMART Technologies