BIMBrunch: Daniel Pitkin

Professionally I am Specification Manager and BIM Coordinator for AluK GB Ltd a global aluminium façade solutions systems company. 

I provide technical support to architects and designers, present CPD’s, develop supply chains with main contractors and champion BIM within the business. Personally I am kept busy by the family (2 girls under 5!) and in my spare time play rugby and take part in long distance triathlons.



Favourite website

Apart from BIMCrunch I really like it is such a great idea and Fred has developed it into a really useful resource, I’m looking forward to the day they get to 1 million.


Best book

Mr Nice by Howard Marks if specifying aluminium facades systems doesn’t work out that is my back up plan.



Top event attended recently

BIM Open mike at Arup’s, didn’t have the bottle or anything interesting enough to say but think I have promised to speak at the next one, I thought he format and the lighting gave it a different fell to many other BIM events.



Favourite Twitter handle to follow

@oatfedgoat some interesting BIM chat but mainly for the shorts and work shoes combo.



Blog you regularly read

Don’t get to read as many as I would like but always find time for Casey Rutland ‘The Case for BIM’, Einstein said “if you can’t explain something simply then you don’t fully understand it” (paraphrased) and 99% of the time what Mr Rutland says makes sense.



Networking event you regularly attend

Any of the regional hubs in the South East.



Daniel Pitkin, Specification Manager (London & South East), AluK.