BIMBrunch: Neil Thompson

Neil is Principal BIM integrator for Balfour Beatty and the deputy chair of the UK Construction Industry Council’s BIM2050 Group for Young Professionals.

Neil’s experience with BIM spans a wide range of industry projects from bridges, to offices, airports and highways. One of his professional aims is to help push the boundaries in construction and encourage the change that is required to create a sustainable future for both businesses and the environment.


Favourite website

I actually don’t use websites for my main informationconsumption. I use Twitter, Flipboard and the Guardian app for my news. Sometimes the FT if I want to see some technical finance stuff and pretend I’m all clever and that.

Pure Revit geekory:

Wolfram Alpha, computational search engine: if you think ‘what’s this got to do with BIM’ then you don’t get it!


Best book

Books, I can’t pick one! This might seem an odd selection but I promise you, from my point of view these are fundamental reads for life and do have linkages back to how we can go about modernising our industry.

Understanding Organisations – Charles Handy

Outliers – Malcome Gladwell

Bad Science – Dr Ben Goldacre

Happiness, lessons from a new science – Prof Richard Layard

Thinking Fast and Slow – Daniel Kahneman

Technology comes and goes, but I think the messages from the above will provide enough to guide you through almost anything… Even coordinating subcontractors.


 Top event attended recently:

This event was an insight to how BIM is being implemented in a different context and if you’re ever in Aus when it’s on. Regardless of your discipline, it’s worth going to.


Favourite Twitter handle to follow

@BIM2050… Plug! 

@Navisworks always listening.

@AssentTech an information security outfit and always has something to post that makes me think of the deeper implication of BIM.


Blog you regularly read

I’m not a blog reading regular, I read what people tweet and retweet on twitter and sometimes read blogs posted on LinkedIn.


Networking event you regularly attend

The London Cocktail Club is an interesting one! 

I try to get to BIM tweetups and open invitation BIMbeers, the others seem to be a guise for salesmen. Getting together over a swift pint is where the innovation is at… Sometimes.