August sees a surge in Green deals

Chloe Stothart writes on Construction News about the 150% leap in Green Deals in August while the number of assessments dropped.



The number of Green Deals being installed more than doubled in August, according to the latest government figures.



The statistics from the department for energy and climate change showed that 240 Green Deals were signed and were being installed in August up from 96 in July.



The cumulative total of these “pending” Green Deals from May to August was 372.



The number of completed – or “live” – Green Deals rose by 11 in August up from a single project a month before.



In total 30 measures were installed including 12 boiler upgrades and eight heating controls.



There was a small rise in the number of new Green Deal plans where customers had decided to go ahead with the work with 7 more new plans declared in August up from 16 in July. The cumulative total of new plans from May to August was 293.



Energy minister Greg Barker said: “It is still early days for the new Green Deal market but encouragingly over 71,000 Green Deal assessments have now been completed. There is clearly growing consumer interest but crucially, assessments are also inspiring action – new research this week shows that 81 per cent of households who had a Green Deal assessment said they have, are getting, or intend to install at least one energy saving measure.”



Mr Barker said the Green Deal and ECO are “increasingly providing consumers with a new range of choices and opportunities to keep their homes warm, cut energy waste and importantly help hard working families with the cost of living”.



But the number of Green Deal assessments in August dropped by 559 between July and August to 13,086 to give a cumulative total of 72,210 assessments from January to August.



Boilers were by far the most frequently installed energy saving measure using Green Deal cashback, where the government gives householders vouchers towards the cost of installing Green Deal measures, forming 97 per cent of measures delivered.



The number of Green Deal installers rose by 205 in August to a total of 1,662 and the number of providers, which give quotes and finance to householders, increased from 79 to 101.



UK-GBC director of policy and communications John Alker said: “Green Deal numbers are edging in the right direction but the scheme still needs a shot in the arm. If ever there was a time for Treasury to bring forward tax incentives to encourage energy efficiency, it is now.




“With winter approaching, and people beginning to switch on their heating, this is the ideal opportunity to help households protect themselves against rising fuel bills.”


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