Autodesk University – The Speakers: Andrew Duncan, Arup

In the latest update of our Autodesk University speaker series we caught up with Andrew Duncan, MEP BIM manager for Arup.

Andrew Duncan – MEP BIM Manager

Andrew is MEP BIM Manager for one of Arup’s large multidisciplinary building teams based in London. Most of Andrew’s experience thus far has been accumulated whilst working with some of the world’s leading architectural practices. The challenges that such complex and bespoke projects present have led to Andrew to develop a deep understanding of a wide variety of BIM applications and processes. He is passionate about harnessing the power of software to aid design innovation and attentively tracks the emergence of new technologies. Andrew is also currently studying for an MSc in BIM and Integrated Design at the University of Salford.


What are you presenting at the conference?

It’s a secret for now, although I think I have picked pretty much the most difficult idea humanly possible so it will require a lot of work!


What was the process like in submitting your ideas?

Autodesk provides lots of guidance as to what they are looking for and gives applicants good examples of previous applications, although their online form can be a little clunky.


What are you looking forward to seeing / learning about there yourself?

AU is a great event. This year will be the fourth year I have attended and I have always returned more knowledgeable than when I arrived. However, by far the best thing about AU is the opportunity to talk to people from all over the world that share a similar passion for using technology to aid building design. I use AU to catch up with people from Autodesk (as most are based in the states), to meet with Arup colleagues from other parts of the world and to meet new people from other countries that are experts in my field. Autodesk lay on some great classes but the people that attend are the highlight for me.


What do you hope to get out of it?

It will be nice to present some of our work, which will be a first for me this year. Besides that, it is an opportunity to see what other companies are up to and where they have found value in using certain tools or processes. I always come back from AU with a very big ‘to do’ list. Arup are also sending staff to AU again this year as means for holding a global strategy meeting. This works really well as it is not very often we can all get in the same room and all of us are pretty charged up from what we have seen at the conference.


Why is this event important?

AU is arguably the biggest BIM event in the world. I have genuinely considered it a privilege to be sent as an attendee in the past so I am very proud to be presenting this year. Fingers crossed we get the class pulled together in time…