RIBA reaction to Government construction strategy

RIBA shares their response to the Government and industry joint strategy ‘Construction 2025’ which was released today…

Responding to the publication of the Government’s ‘Construction 2025’ strategy today; RIBA President Angela Brady said: “The RIBA welcomes the scope and ambition of the Government’s vision for the industry in 2025. We have repeatedly called for an inclusive, ambitious and internationally-focused construction strategy and whilst we would like to see a much more comprehensive roadmap, we support the Government’s renewed drive.


“We welcome the impetus to export more of the UK’s highly skilled and experienced construction services across the world; the RIBA with UKTI and others is already helping architects to work in burgeoning international markets and we encourage other UK construction professionals to further exploit these opportunities. Similarly the RIBA continues to champion the uptake of BIM as a way to reduce costs and increase efficiencies across the industry.


“Whilst we fear precious time has been wasted by a lack of political will within Government to support the delivery of a low carbon economy, we welcome the renewed commitment outlined today – particularly the focus on ‘whole life costs’ of buildings. We hope this will encourage the industry and the public sector to understand the long term value that quality buildings can bring. The Government must ensure ambitious targets are not undermined in the guise of promoting economic growth.


“Client capability and procurement practice must be improved at a local level and so we are particularly pleased to see organisations like the Local Government Association taking the lead.”


Source: RIBA