CONSTRUCTION 2025: Government Sets Long Term Vision

As part of Britain’s Industrial Strategy policy the Government is teaming up with professionals to ensure specific high growth sectors have the tools necessary to advance proficiently.

The construction industry has been outlined as a sector where Britain has a strong competitive edge and recent changes in the international economy are creating exciting new opportunities for Britain’s construction companies.


In the last six months the Government has worked closely with construction industry professionals to create a strategic, long-term vision, which has been published today with the title ‘Construction 2025’.


The strategy includes reforming the planning system, ensuring funding is available for key infrastructure projects and supporting the housing market with loans schemes such as Help-to-Buy and Funding for Lending.


The aim is to put Britain at the forefront of construction and take advantage of the global marketplace, which is set to grow by over 70% by 2025.


Targets are outlined in the strategy document, including a 50% reduction in delivery time for newbuild and refurbished assets, 33% lower costs of construction and build assets, 50% lower emissions, and a 50% improvement in exports. Core theme focuses of the strategy centre around careers, technology and BIM, sustainability, economic growth, and leadership.


The strategy will be led by the new Construction Leadership Council – a panel made up of a cross section of organisations from the industry and chaired by the Rt Hon Dr Vince Cable and Sir David Higgins.



What are your thoughts on Construction 2025? What do you think is needed from industry and Government to support the construction industry’s growth?


The full joint strategy ‘Construction 2025’ can be read at