Autodesk University – The Speakers: Rebecca De Cicco, David Miller Architects

Today we are featuring our Q&A with Rebecca De Cicco, another confirmed UK based speaker for Autodesk University. 

Rebecca De Cicco, David Miller Architects 

Since graduating as an architect in Australia in 2002, innovation has been the platform for Rebecca’s career, understanding through practical experience how new technology can promote excellence throughout the entire building lifecycle. This underpins her role at DMA where she trials and applies new techniques to develop intelligent solutions. Rebecca is also part of the UK Government’s BIM Task Group and Steering Group Lead for the CIC’s BIM2050 group.


What are you presenting at the conference?

I am presenting on behalf of the BIM2050 team and in reference to the future of the construction industry and how technology, generational shifts and innovation will ultimately affect the way we work and interact. The panel session will focus on innovative solutions to change management, approach to new workflow method, and ultimately how we see generational differences in the way we work and understand future practices.


What was the process like in submitting your ideas?

The process is quite straight-forward. The submission size is manageable and structured. It is always exciting submitting classes for AU as its an internationally focused event and a good opportunity to network within a global audience.


What are you looking forward to seeing / learning about there yourself?

Technology and innovation are always at the forefront of this event. The keynote speeches are incredible and allow for an informed view on how Autodesk is evolving their theoretical knowledge and approach. I am also looking forward to the education sector and understanding how varied the educational concepts within BIM and technology are being addressed as time progresses.


What do you hope to get out of it?

Meeting relevant thought leaders, understanding complex processes, and learning new features and technological advancements in the software development. I also believe the networking and marketing opportunities for any practice here are absolutely fantastic so I look forward to meeting more likeminded individuals in the industry. It is also a good chance for me to connect with some fellow BIM leaders from Australia.


Why is this event important?

AU is important because it is an event that brings together thousands of people from all sectors (close to 9,000 last year so I heard!) The beauty of it is that it not only addresses those in construction related fields, but in media and entertainment also. The event aims to showcase and understand where the technology is moving forward and how in industry we are able to adapt to these changes. It is a brilliant marketing opportunity for any organisation and allows for an informed view on how BIM is evolving in our industry. In my view, this is one of the most relevant events as it is not isolated to one region, rather engages with industry across all sectors and areas.