Autodesk University – The Speakers: Jonny Furlong, BIM Technologies

We can confirm another of the UK based Autodesk University speakers… here we speak to Jonny Furlong about the upcoming event.

Jonny Furlong – BIM Technologies, London

Current Position: BIM Implementation Leader & Senior BIM Coordinator at BIM.Technologies London.

As BIM Implementation Leader, Johnny is responsible for engaging with clients and assessing their requirements for BIM. He is responsible for the implementation of BIM at both an organisational and project level. Johnny has extensive experience in the production of project protocols, developing the Project Execution Plans, and managing the coordination of a variety of project scales, from start to finish. In his roles, Johnny has developed as the implementation leader for a number of world class projects and has built strong relationships with leading UK constructors and is currently responsible for BIM on over £500m worth of projects.


What are you presenting at the conference?

The class is titled Construction Projects and Manufacturers and is a roundtable discussion. This roundtable will focus on manufacturers creating BIM components for the construction industry. This will include the technical challenges that manufacturers of building components face when creating Revit Families and how to overcome them? The Revit Families they need to create have to satisfy the end users needs with the appropriate LOD and Meta Data, how is the industry approaching this? The Revit Families need to satisfy the needs of the manufacturers, namely increasing sales and reducing the ordering specification costs and speeding up production how is the industry approaching this? We will discuss (using real life examples form manufacturers) how the industry is overcoming the challenges of creating Manufacture Specific Revit components and ask what are the biggest reaming challenges? We will discuss what are the best opportunities for manufactures creating Manufacture Specific Revit components and how do we best to take advantage of them.


What was the process like in submitting your ideas?

It was stressful. I had prepared six classes that I was going to submit, but as usual I left it until the last day to submit the classes, and Autodesk’s website crashed so myself and a lot of the #ukBIMcrew were stressing about if we would get our classes uploaded on time, but in the end Autodesk were great and gave people more time to upload the classes. It was also a time consuming process, as you have to really think about the classes you are submitting, and try to get as good a proposal as possible as the competition for speakers in massive, particularly in the Architecture and Design tracks.


What are you looking forward to seeing / learning about there yourself?

Really looking forward to seeing Vegas as a city as I have never been there. I have two main learning outcomes that I want to achieve; one – With the software that I already use (Revit & Navisworks) I want find out about different/new processes, workflows and techniques from other advanced users and two – I want to find new software, particularly from other industries that I can then utilise in the construction industry.


What do you hope to get out of it?

I hope to win big gambling, but if that doesn’t happen I hope to come back with lots of inspiration and knowledge to push the boundries of what we are doing with BIM and Big Data.


Why is this event important?

It is a great place to network and meet colleagues that we would normally only talk to on Twitter or email and also meet professionals from other industries.