Autodesk Releases A3DP For Free

Autodesk has announced the release of the Autodesk 3D Print Utility for free.

The 3D printing tool optimises the results of printing a 3D model by ensuring the best orientation with the least amount of support material.


This is done using a range of mesh-optimisations including;

Automatic Healing – analysing and automatically fixing any triangle and vertex problems.

Hollowing – gives the model a 5mm wall thickness.

Adaptive Thickening – slightly expands areas of your model that are too thin to print for your personal printer.

Support Material Preview – At the press of a button you can view the overhanging areas and the support material that they would require to print.


You can use A3DP by choosing ‘3D Print’ in the Autodesk 123D apps or by opening it in the stand-alone application from the Windows Start Menu or the OS X Applications folder. It works with your printer by sending your model directly to the app or you can simply save the model as an STL.

For more information see the Autodesk 123D blog.