Industry experts call for cross sector collaboration on BIM technology

This month’s RICS BIM Scotland Conference will host experts from across the construction sector. It will help clarify BIM for all professionals working in the property industry and explain how the new technology and associated processes will benefit the sector.


The construction industry has not been quick in taking up some of the benefits offered by certain modern developments. However, BIM has had a natural progression within the industry and is increasingly being used within the construction market. This is in part due to the potential for BIM to increase efficiency across collaborative working and the way construction projects are designed, delivered and operated.


The system has also been recognised by the Government, who announced within UK Government Construction strategy the requirement for collaborative Building Information Modelling on its projects by 2016. RICS BIM Scotland Conference will be held at the Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) BIM Centre of Excellence. The conference’s keynote briefing will be delivered by David Philp, Head of BIM Implementation at the Cabinet Office.


David Philp Head of BIM Implementation at the Cabinet Office said: “BIM is not so much about the technology or process but is instead more about changing the way we work together to help realise better outcomes at all stages of the asset lifecycle and liberate maximum value for all parties. I am delighted to be working with GCU to help fully capitalise on the benefits for the industry and help create a better (BIM enabled) future Built Environment.”


Steven Brady, Head of RICS Scotland Quantity and Construction Professional Group Board said: “There needs to be collaboration across the property industry for BIM to be fully implemented effectively and in line with the Government’s 2016 objective. As one of the only industry bodies to cover the entire supply chain, RICS is well placed to support and lead on this collaboration. It is imperative that individuals across the sector recognise right from the beginning that BIM is an opportunity to provide a fully integrated service and is already becoming the new way working within the industry.”