BIM4Regs: Building regulations for BIM

The government has commissioned a new group called BIM4Regs who have been tasked with integrating regulations, planning, and health and safety requirements into BIM models.


The initiative was set up by the BIM Task Group, part of the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills with aim of simplifying compliance and enabling Building Regulations and planning applications to be made using 3D computer models.


The group is made up of a collective mix of government and industry organisations including the Department for Communities and Local Government, the Health and Safety Executive, the planning portal, BRE, software vendors, industry representatives and is chaired by Peter Caplehorn RIBA, technical director at Scott Brownrigg.


Regulatory information will be embedded within BIM software so architects and engineers can immediately see if the designs comply with the rules. The initiative will link in with the rest of the BIM work streams – such as BIM4SMEs and BIM4Infrastructure – to prepare the ground for mandatory BIM on central government-funded projects from 2016.


BIM4Regs chair Peter Caplehorn said: “Building control officers, approved inspectors, fire officers and local government have all been very enthusiastic – they see it as an overall benefit going forward. You would be able to process applications more accurately and more publicly – we’d be looking at a more joined up industry across the board.”


Work completes at the end of the year and could result in standards setting out how regulations should be incorporated into BIM.


Peter Caplehorn concluded: “It’s not totally unknown territory, it’s been tried in other parts of the world. But those countries haven’t been able to create the same momentum across the industry that we’re now achieving in the UK.”