Warren Buffett has tweeted

Five definitive articles about the billionaire investor joining Twitter, and then … wait for it … tweeting something

Never mind Dog Bites Man, stop the presses for Man Joins Twitter.

Never mind Dog Bites Man, stop the presses for Man Joins Twitter. The billionaire investor Warren Buffett, 82, joined the social media world on Thursday. It must have been Bill Clinton’s lead that did it for him. Anyway, it got the US media in quite the frenzy.

Business Insider

Warren Buffett Is About To Tweet

We think his handle is @WarrenBuffett, but we’re not completely sure. It’s also unclear if the Oracle of Omaha is actually going become a regular user of Twitter.

Wall Street Journal

Warren Buffett Joins Twitter

Pigs aren’t flying, lambs aren’t lying down with lions, and hell isn’t getting any cooler. But Warren Buffett is joining Twitter.

The Street

Warren Buffett Joins Twitter Ahead of Shareholder Meeting

Buffett’s handle @WarrenBuffett gained nearly 10,000 followers within minutes of the ‘Oracle’s’ first Tweet. His account was verified on the social network within about 15 minutes and now caried [sic] a blue checkmark.

San Jose Mercury News

Billionaire seeks questions from women on Twitter

Billionaire investor Warren Buffett will sit down at 3 p.m. Pacific Time Thursday for his first-ever interview in which he will take questions from Twitter. His topic? Women in leadership. Questions were trickling in Wednesday.

Business Insider

Warren Buffett Talking About Women And Work

Buffett, who doesn’t even have a computer on his desk in his office, joked that you can teach an old dog new tricks.

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