Private members’ ballot: Politics live blog

Andrew Sparrow‘s rolling coverage of all the day’s political developments as they happen, including the private members’ ballot and Google giving evidence about tax avoidance to the public accounts committee


After last night’s vote on the EU referendum bill, today we should find out which Tory MP will bring forward a private member’s bill on the subject. That’s because we’re getting the private members’ bills ballot this morning.

We’ve also got Google up before the public accounts committee again. Margaret Hodge, the committee’s chair, has recalled Google and Ernst & Young following a Reuters investigation into how Google “clouds its tax liabilities” (as Reuters put it).

Here’s the agenda for the day.

9am: Lindsay Hoyle, the deputy Commons Speaker, announces the names of the winners of the private members’ bills ballot. The results will be announced on the @HouseofCommmons twitter account.

9am: Nick Clegg hosts his Call Clegg LBC phone-in.

9.45am: Google and Ernst and Young give evidence to the Commons public accounts committee about tax avoidance. At 10.45m Lin Homer, chief executive of HM Revenue and Customs, gives evidence.

10am: Diane Abbott, the shadow public health minister, gives a speech on the “crisis of masculinity”. As Rajeev Syal reported earlier this week, she will argue that rapid economic change is warping male identity and encouraging machismo and misogyny.

10am: A hearing takes place at the high court to consider the meaning of the allegedly libellous tweet Sally Bercow sent out about Lord McAlpine.

Around 11.30am: MPs will start a backbench debate on mental health.

As usual, I’ll also be covering all the breaking political news as well as looking at the papers and bringing you the best politics from the web. I’ll post a lunchtime summary at before 1pm, and another in the afternoon.

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