BIM Show Live: Constructing the Death Star

Stage two was busy this afternoon in one of the last sessions of the day, as Lee Mullin delievered his presentation; ‘Constructing the Death Star’.


The dramatic introduction secured the attention and humour of the audience as Chewbacca arrived on stage to welcome delegates with his famous vocal acrobatics.


Lee had taken upon the challenge of creating the Star War’s Death Star using Revit – and at 140km in diameter he had found research that showed it would take over 800,000 years to produce enough steel to actually build it!


The audience remained captivated as we saw evil beams and evil columns put into a model before our eyes, and even a clash detection test to check there would be enough room in the docking bay for an X Wing and Storm Troopers that might happen to be break dancing…


The aims of the practice was to show how the project could have been improved, including checking for problems before they happen (clash detector test), checking costs to keep in budget (add cost to a Timeliner sequence) and visualising the finished article (use Homestyler to add some furnishings!).


The session succeeded in not only being educational but also entertaining.