BIM Show Live: BIM and Complex Freeform Design

In the final session of the morning on day two we went to listen to David Kosdruy deliver his presentation on ‘complex freeform design’. David took delegates through an exciting case study – the Doha Marina Mall.

This case study is a prime example of how BIM can enhance a complex project that faces specific challenges of tight time frames, work sharing globally, and precise budgets.


Over 80 people worked on the project from bases in London, Dubai, Toronto, Doha and Singapore – this presented obvious challenges of time zone differences, language barriers, and the transfer and sharing of work. David explained how the obvious choice was to use BIM for the project to enhance collaborative working.


We were then talked through numerous models created for the project, how the team even went to the extent of writing their own scripts, and specifically how it was the control of the geometry throughout the various models in Rhino and Revit, that made this project so unique.


As BIM Show Live has showed us its the ‘I’ in BIM that is so important right now, and this project demonstrated how BIM can help keep projects to a strict schedule, enhances design elements, and controls geometry.


The mall is yet to be built and so it remains to be seen what the finished building will be like – however everyone in the room was lucky enough to take a virtual tour inside…